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Allatori Java Obfuscator

The Russian company Smardec, a creator of software oriented to the needs of the programmers working with Java technology has released its new product Allatori Obfuscator, a Java obfuscator of the second generation. Meeting recent trends and ideas in the domain of Java code protection, Allatori possesses great arsenal which can guarantee that any malefactors attempts to decompile any application protected by the obfuscator will be stopped. In the Allatori function set there are the following protection methods:

1. Name Obfuscation

2. Flow Obfuscation

3. Debug Info Obfuscation

4. String Encryption

5. Watermarking

Speaking of additional features Stack Trace Utility must be noted. It is supplied together with the obfuscator and is meant to make obfuscated Debug Information comprehensible and adequate. Besides a program module must be mentioned, which was worked out on the basis of the data received as a result of a long and thorough study of modern decompilers. The module uses information about decompilers work faults for creating special insertions into an obfuscated code. When encountering such an insertion (and its different for each decompiler), there happens a exception in a decompiler work which leads to the failure of the decompilation process. So, for the majority of hackers, that use standard decompilers, your code turns out to be absolutely - 100% - safe, because the correct decompilation becomes impossible.

And finally, Allatori Obfuscator was designed to suit any automated build environment. It's command line interface can be seamlessly integrated into build scripts. Moreover, Smardec have made the integration with Apache Ant build tool. Allatori comes with Ant interface and can be used as any other Ant task.

Everyone can visit the website www.allatori.com, where they can find complete information about Allatori Obfuscator. Its detailed description, distinguishing features and performance attributes, as well as constantly updated section FAQ are available at the website.