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CodeDemons was Hacked

I hate using the word "hacked", especially when it involves a script-kiddie. There is a known problem with phpBB 2.0.10 that allows someone to run scripts on the server by exploiting a "highlight" feature. Although I was aware of this exploit, I was unable to patch it because of my terrible FTP access from behind the Acadia univeristy firewall. Anyway, this script corrupted files on the server. I have just completed uploading the backups, and because the database was left intact, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was. phpBB has since been upgraded and we are now protected.

If you come across a dead link please report it so that we can make sure we get that file back up here. ;)

Thanks to our host for being understanding.

Update: We were defaced by a worm, not a person, that finds sites to infect by running searches on Google for vulnerable phpBB boards.

-The CodeDemons Staff