Review Of Nintendo Wii U

The modern gadget for games Nintendo deluxe comes with all black colored elements. It comes with a console of 32 GB, controlling Gamepad, stands for console and GamePad, cord and a charging stand, HDMI cable, sensor bar and a Nintendo land copy. A reward program called as “Frequent buyer” is also given with the Nintendo Deluxe set with which we can get hold of several discount offers that are interesting when sales are carried out.

All white components come with the basic type of set which has only 8GB console, a HDMI cable, a sensor bar and GamePad.


It is very difficult to make out, but the deluxe set is better and highly recommendable. It also comes with some additional items like extra storage, chargers and charging stands.

Wii U console is little bigger when compared to the previous Wii console. It measures 10.5 inch depth, 6.8 inch wide and 1.8 inch long. It is little bigger than the previous version but quite smaller than several other such equipment in the market. The unit comes with a power cord which not difficult to hold or hide while fixing it without hassles. This new version Wii U gives an unparalleled experience to the players. At the same it is not very smooth as well. Initially there will be difficult to make out where to look exactly. This confusion arises as both the screens display same kind of things simultaneously. Some of the games in it are self explanatory and also give proper guidance to the players. In case of some other games it is up to the player to figure out the direction and proceed. For mastering this kind of skills players will have to invest some amount of time. Shifting of glimpses from the TV to the Gaming Pad very often is something makes the players very uncomfortable. It will be learnt as time passes. However, the developers will have to do something for this.